EOBI used to invest its surplus funds in the national saving schemes (NSS), but due to sudden drop in the profit margin in NSS, from the year 2002, different avenues were explored to make the pension fund sustainable. One of the promising sectors identified was investments in Real estate. To harness this potential, a wholly owned subsidiary company was incorporated in the name of PAKISTAN REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT & MANAGEMENT COMPANY (Pvt) Ltd. (PRIMACO) under companies’ ordinance 1984 in the year 2006.

Primary objectives of establishing PRIMACO include: ensuring generation of maximum income from the investment through transparent and efficient Management, value addition of real estate properties for high income generation after carrying out feasibility studies in accordance with the overall macro economic policy, management of real estate Portfolio of EOBI. Since its launch, PRIMACO has started several projects, details of which are available on this site. Besides these projects Primaco has established its marketing and sales section who shall translate the objectives into reality by ensuring maximum return on the facilities created.

Primaco is also developing its Operation & Management/Asset Management division which shall look after the operations, Management of the facilitation to ensure longevity of the building fabric and its installations. This decision shall conceive an Operation and Management regime in accordance with the international standards for each completed facility most suitable to its needs. PRIMACO looks-after the land and properties of EOBI across Pakistan.Our focus is upon creating independent and sustainable organization having capability to attract professionals and capacity to undertake real-estate development activities in order to achieve required Return on EOBI's investment. We have taken all necessary steps towards achievement of our objectives and we shall, Insha’Allah, Continue striving our way forward for setting and achieving highest standards.